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About Swordsport

SwordSport, LLC is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio with an office in Brooklyn, NY. SwordSport produces content and promotes the sport of Fencing by providing access to this unique world of combat through events, programs, clubs and interactive multimedia . SwordSport drives revenue through advertising and sponsorship, video products, merchandise, subscriptions, training programs and club marketing.

SwordSport sells the mystique of Fencing and packages the sport so new audiences and participants get the experience and benefits they want from an entertaining fitness activity.
SwordSport's strategy is to create entertainment and fitness properties, targeted toward the rapidly growing market for mentally stimulating, healthy, holistic activity. SwordSport leverages its extensive library of archival Fencing footage, production capabilities, international Fencing relationships and the Arnold Fencing Classic (Schwarzenegger) to create compelling content and extent its brand through SwordSport.com.

SwordSport was founded by Don Anthony, Jr. and is the culmination of more than 20 years of promoting Fencing in the United States. Don is a World Class Fencer, Wharton MBA, Princeton Engineer; IBM Trained Marketing Professional, Producer, Promoter and Entrepreneur. He is the past National Secretary of the United States Fencing Association, Advisory Board Member of the Peter Westbrook Foundation, and Co-Chair of the Arnold Fencing Classic and ASAS-Columbus (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Sports Festival and After School Program)

SwordSport’s production partner, Ozone Studios has worked with the company for over 7 years and been responsible for insuring the highest quality of video content and creative development in the sport.

Previous initiatives include.
     Acquiring secondary broadcast rights from NBC for the 1987 Pan
     American Games in Indianapolis, Indiana with 3 days of Production
     Securing Exclusive Broadcast Rights to NY World Cup Sabre Tournament form           1989-1991
     Capturing Archival footage from 1996 Atlanta Olympics
     Producing Electric SwordPlay 2000, Columbus, Ohio
     Launch of SwordSport.com, 2000
     Web cast of World Cup Sabre Tournament 2001
     First live streaming web cast from 2001 Jr. World    Championships South Bend,           Indiana
     Producing the Arnold Fencing Classic 2004-2006

These initiatives have established SwordSport as the leading Fencing promoter, with one of the largest library of Fencing Archival Footage, and producer of digital video in the United States. SwordSport is positioned to maintain this position as the leading provider of digital content by establishing a Broadband Commercial Fencing Channel and Professional Fencing Clubs.

Contact us at info@swordsport.com

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