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In recent years the national fencing team for the United States has achieved some of its greatest success in Olympic competition. What many people do not realize about the National team is that several of the key contributors are African-American. But, this is not new to US fencing. For over 40 years African-Americans have made a huge impact on the US national fencing team.

BlackBlades is a short film dedicated to telling the history of African-American Olympic fencers. Using archival footage and still images BlackBlades describes the historical timeline during the 40 year period of Olympic competition through the 2008 Beijing games. The film features Olympic fencers, Akhi Spencer-El, Erinn Smart, Keeth Smart, Mika’il Sankofa and Peter Westbrook describing how fencing has changed their lives and how each one of them have chosen to give back to the sport and coach a new generation of Olympic fencers.


SwordSport Video

SwordSport presents fencing at its best, capturing the character of the participants and the essence of the sport—its passion, energy and excitement.

We produce professional sports programming for broadcast and broadband. Highlights include special events such as the Arnold Classic, interviews with the world’s best fencers and coverage of selected domestic and international events.

SwordSport has been at the forefront of fencing video for over 20 years. Our extensive video library includes high quality professional footage from World Cup Events, National Championships, World Championships, Olympics and interviews with some of the greatest fencers, coaches and referees of all time.

Our video offerings will include:

  • Archival footage, delivered via streaming media, download and subscription services
  • Special event packages with post-produced shows distributed via DVDs, streaming, download and broadcast
  • Broadcast packages include a weekly highlight program featuring a select event,  athlete, coach and location, along with news and results from around the world
  • Training videos with expertise provided by the world’s best coaches, top fencing schools, programs and athletes.
  • Downloadable clips will be available for iPods, with interviews and competitive footage demonstrating the subject matter

Footage from the USFA North American Cup Competition
held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center January 12-15, 2007.

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